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It is really tough to understand what sort of action steps would be taken by the opponents in the war zone. We are not from the families of the kings wherein we would learn all the hidden secrets and strategies that are usually applied by the kings. We are also not part of the any training that is given to the soldiers who would be fighting with the enemies like the soldiers at the borders would do. So, since we have no knowledge about any of the war zone tips and tactics we should be very much cautious about what the opponents are doing.

When you could not assume that the opponents would be able to do, you could truly get into the safety room with the help of the pubg cheats that are available online. While you could study the actions of the opponents at a slow pace you could still be able to protect your energy levels or score or the points that are otherwise scored in the game or to be scored. You could truly get such cheats from online provided you try to spend some time in finding such cheats before even you actively participate in the game from the day one you create the account.
It is agreed that once you enter the war zone you would not be able to return back but at the same time it is very much important that you stay in the war zone for a very long time for which the cheats would be the best support for you. Hence, it is very much important that you buy the cheats so that you get to know the complete strategies and then start planning or framing your own strategy to win your opponent. This sort of game play is truly wise and acceptable.