What Is The Method Of Accessing Router’s Settings?

Routers are getting the huge popularity by each passing day. This has become the best ever way to create the network at home or office. Multiple devices can access the internet without facing any issue by using the router. It is important to know about the method of using the settings, and the article is all about how to access router settings. Such process contains only a few steps with the help of upcoming paragraphs.

Open the web browser 

In the first step of accessing the router’s setting, users are only required to open the web browser. You can access any web browser, where you get the comfort zone. It is necessary to go online for using the settings.

Enter the address of the router

Now the users are supposed to write the router’s address into the address bar of the browser. After typing the address, click on enter, which will move to the router’s page.

Type the user name and password

In the next step, users have to set up the router’s user name and password. If you want to know about the default user name and password, then the manual can help on the huge level. Apart from this, if you forget the password and then simply reset the password by restoring the factory setting.

Review settings and change the network name

While each router’s page shows the different options, but everyone will see some common options, which are parental control and connected devices. In addition to this, you can also change the name of the network so that it could be easy to find the network.

Moving further, we can also give the security to the wireless network and always change the password and user name. The default information is not secure, so it is necessary to have a strong and long user name and password.