Effects of Drinking Too Much Caffeine

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Caffeine is a good stimulant, and it can keep you awake and active for several hours. You might even use it as part of your productive routine. Most refresher beverages that people use as part of their breakfast and evening drinks have caffeine. Many energy drinks have considerable amounts of caffeine to help you stay alert and feel energized for a while.

Nevertheless, the good of caffeine has limits. Learn the effect of drinking too much caffeine to save yourself from potential life problems in future and to adjust your consumption according to lower the negative consequences.

Expect an Increase in Your Heartbeat

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Too much caffeine will stimulate blood pumping in the body leading to the increase in your heart rate. This effect would only be good for a short while. You might also get away with it when it happens occasionally. However, continued abuse of the stimulant may cause long-term problems with the heart and with your blood pressure.


The stimulant overrides your brain function and causes you to behave abnormally. For instance, you might stay active even though your eyes are tired after hours of studying. The underlying fact is that you will be forcing the body to act in a way that it does not know and that will create imbalances in your brain hormonal regulation. A consequence of the disturbance of hormones is that feeling of restlessness even when you are seeking to relax or sleep.

Heartburn and Reflux

Many people are on anti-acids because they want to get rid of the reflux problems they experience. However many of them have no idea that the cause of their problem might be due to the relaxation of the esophagus because of the caffeine. The effect is causing the throat areas to be susceptible to reflux, and it can lead to increased conditions of heartburn.


Just as caffeine leads to restlessness, it can also contribute to anxiety. Not having sufficient rest and messing with the hormonal balance in the body are two main conditions that aggravate anxiety. Unfortunately, caffeine helps to the two conditions, and it, therefore, has a direct link to heightened levels of feeling anxious, which would possibly lead to future health and mental problems. The caffeine also stimulates senses causing people to have overwhelming sensations.

Visits to the Washroom

Caffeine causes diuresis. You will experience the urge to go and release yourself almost immediately after you consume caffeine. The problem will worsen as you keep taking more caffeine and you may discover that it is affecting your concentration and your capabilities to meet work deadlines. Other people working close to you might also consider you as a nuisance especially when you have to disturb them on your out of the work area.


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The continued reliance on coffee, energy drinks, and tea, as well as many caffeine stimulants, will cause you to lose sleep. The ingredient inhibits your adenosine, a neurotransmitter that acts as a natural tranquilizer. You end up being unable to sleep even when you want to, and that could have disastrous effects on the rest of your health.

5 “Highly Effective” Tips To Help You Quit Alcohol


According to professionals working in alcohol rehab, an alcoholic starts his journey with alcohol due to pressure from peers or simply for social pleasure. However, little do they realize that their ‘occasional’ drinking habit has now transformed into an addiction. Every year hundreds of people check-in alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres due to alcoholism. Alcohol addiction can ruin your personal and professional life apart from bringing disastrous consequences for your health.

Reckless drinking can cause liver complications, cancer, stroke and other myriad health problems. Hence, it’s better to quit alcohol as soon as possible. This change cannot be brought overnight and demands patience. However, the following tips can help a lot in this transformation.

Accept The Problemhbdhdb

An addict must realize that he/she is suffering from the problem of addiction. Acceptance of the problem is a hard and an essential step. People tend to deny that they aren’t suffering from the problem of dependency. If anybody isn’t serious about his/her problem, they’ll never get serious to deal with it.

Change Your Company

Sometimes it is seen that people who accept their problem and stay clean for a few months also bounce back to addiction because of their friends and peers. Hence, if the company you keep isn’t helping to bring a positive change in your life, change it or at least stay firm about your decision of ‘no drinks.’

Recognise The Effects

Experts of alcohol rehabs say that quitting alcohol can become much easier if people begin to concentrate on its adverse effects. While discovering the actual side effects of consuming excessive alcohol, one can instill a sense of fear which can help enormously. This will eventually contribute to quit alcohol.

Mold Your Ideology

A change in the ideology can also work wonders for an addict. Try asking yourself the reason behind your addiction and what you’re achieving with it. Is your habit helping your family and children? Bringing a positive change in your thinking, therefore, can help you stay away from alcohol.

Join A Support Group

dgdvdgghBy registering in an alcohol rehab or by participating in a support group, one can undoubtedly push his/her transition. It’s a well-known fact that by surrounding yourself with people who tend to understand your problems and who can give you immense strength, one can achieve the change he/she wants.

As compared to drugs, addiction to alcohol is hard to quit because unlike drugs, alcohol can be easily availed without much of a restriction. However, a firm determination can surely help you progress.

Rare Disorders Treated By A Neurologist


A neurologist treats disorders that affect the nervous system. There are several disorders that a neurologist can treat. Most of these are widely known while others are little known. Below is a list of top 5 rare diseases dealt with by a neurologist.

Angelman Syndrome

Angelman syndrome disease is a neuro-genetic disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate. It also causes the limbs to be stiff and jerky affecting movement. Children showing signs of this disease will show abundant laughter and fascination with water. General symptoms include delays in development as well as microcephaly and excessive drooling. Seizures are common side effects, and neurologists need to treat before they become severe.

Machado- Joseph Disease

dgdvgdMachado- Joseph Disease is among the top 5 rare disorders treated by a neurologist. It is a hereditary disorder very similar to the Parkinson’s disease in its symptoms. Symptoms includes
• Difficulties in swallowing and chewing
• Clumsy movements
• Abnormal body posture

The DNA code determines how severe the disorder becomes. People with longer repeat expansions will more likely experience more severity of this disease. Anyone can be a victim of this illness, but it is mostly dominant with the Portuguese descent.

Hallervoden-Spatz Disease

It is a neurological disorder and also a genetic disorder. People who suffer from this disease experience neuro-degeneration. This causes the neurons to worsen over time. Symptoms include
• Poor coordinated movements
• Muscle spasms
• Seizures
• Visual and speech difficulties causing dementia

The symptoms become evident with the increase of age. The disease is manifested differently in individuals, and therefore recommendations on the best therapy by the neurologist will be vital in retaining skills for the affected.

Cushing’s Syndrome

Cushing’s syndrome is usually in the category as of endocrine disorder. However, it is one of the top 5 rare diseases treated by a neurologist. The symptoms include

• Issues with the neuron system and memory problems.
• Obesity
• High blood pressure
• Fatigue

Majority affected by the disease are women who suffer irregular menstrual cycles and body hair that is excessive.

Barth Syndrome

Barth Syndrome is one of the top 5 rare disorders treated by a neurologist. It is a neuro-muscular disorder withhbhdbdhb genetic manifestation. It is transmitted mostly to the sons from their mothers. Most of the boys affected are underweight and small height. They experience weakness in their bodies as well as fatigue. Additional symptoms include
• Hypoglycemia
• Diarrhea
• Learning disabilities
The disease requires neurologist attention to ensure that the victim has a prolonged life.

Any time a person suspects a type of neurologist disorder, they should make an appointment immediately to a specialist for diagnosis and treatment. Early diagnosis ensures that the disease is discovered and the best prognosis is done on time.